Pet Care: Veterinary Tips and Checklists

Pet Care: Veterinary Tips and Checklists

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Soft plush donut bed

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Thinking of getting a cat or dog? Online Neat Stuff would like to remind you about four important rules for the pet care that owners must adhere to:

  1. Regularly monitor the health and nutrition of your pet, vaccinate it.
  2. Keep an eye on the hygiene of the pet.
  3. Walk and play with your pet.
  4. Set up their own places for your pets
Dog Carriers Waterproof Rear Back
Dog Carriers Waterproof Rear Back

Care and hygiene

It is recommended to wash dogs no more than once every 2-3 months (of course, if the pet is not covered with dirt from top to toe). For most breeds, washing is carried out once every 6 months. But with cats, it’s completely different. They wash themselves, so they definitely do not need to be washed more than once a year. Again, if, for example, a white cat climbed into the fireplace and came out black, then it’s better to help your pet and wash it prematurely, even if you already washed it a week ago.

Some dog breeds need regular grooming and trimming. Most cats, especially long-haired ones, need to be brushed regularly with a Trimmer Grooming Tools for Animals to prevent tangles.

A dog should be taught to brush its teeth from puppyhood. You can learn more about all the nuances from your veterinarian. He will show you how to brush your teeth properly, tell you what toys and food will be most suitable for your situation. You can buy various cleaning toys, like Dog Molar Toothbrush toys, or edible sticks.

All pets need regular nail clipping. The frequency of nail trimming must be determined individually. There are different tools for that, such as Pet Nail Clipper Scissors, or  Pet Nail Grooming Trimmer Tools — choose the one that suits you best.

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dog feeding water bottles
dog feeding water bottles

Walking the dog

With large dogs, it is recommended to walk 2 times a day. With dogs of decorative breeds 3 times a day will be better, since they have less bladder resource.

Walking time should be at least half an hour, so at least 1 hour a day. But, again, a lot depends on the type of walk (active or calm), on the breed of the dog, on its temperament.

Breeds like the Jack Russell Terrier or the German Shepherd need long, active walks. And the Yorkshire Terrier and the Tibetan Mastiff are quite suitable for a calm, measured walk.

Give your pet suitable toys: for example, dogs will like toys that they can chew, such as Toys for small dogs Plushy Teeth. Cats will be crazy about Cat Toy Simulation Bird Interact or a Pet LED Laser Cat toys. Playing with various toys stimulates your pet’s activity.

Veterinary checklists

Arrangement of space

Some dogs and cats, regardless of breed, like to sleep in their own houses. They should fit in size, and the pet has enough room there. An important criterion in the choice is the material of the mat. Try to get mats that are easy to wash and dry. 

If you need some pet products for your fluffy friend, visit and find all you need at affordable prices.

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