How to Prepare for an Overnight Hike in the Forest

How to Prepare for an Overnight Hike in the Forest

Camping Tent 1
Camping Tent 1

We all sometimes get out somewhere in nature, away from civilization, cars and city noise, to take a break from the everyday bustle. In such a situation, the most interesting thing that can be is a trip to the forest with an overnight stay. Beautiful and untouched nature, evening gatherings by the fire — what could be better? In this Online Neat Stuff article, you will find useful tips and tricks to help you prepare for your trip and pack all the necessary travel and outdoor products for such a trip.


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Camping equipment

If you are going for one day, then a middle-sized backpack of 15-30 liters will be enough. If your trip is planned for several days, then take a more spacious backpack with you, preferably for at least 50 liters.

Camping in the forest with an overnight stay is impossible without a tent and a sleeping bag, no matter what area you are going to. In any case, it is worth taking a sleeping bag for an emergency, even if you know that the place you are going to will be very hot. Camping tent

Decide how many people are going with you and choose a tent based on this number. The most important thing is that it should protect from strong winds and does not get wet in the rain.


Portable Led Headlamp
Portable Led Headlamp

Hiking clothes

For outerwear, you should have lightweight, quick-drying sweatpants and a similar hooded windbreaker. Take a fleece jacket to keep warm.

You will also need a cap or a hat, a couple of T-shirts and a night set. Take a raincoat — in bad weather it will be able to protect you from heavy rain.

Hiking shoes or trekking boots should have thick soles and little weight. It’s good if they are waterproof.


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Required and optional items

If you are going to another city, then be sure to take documents and money. Also a vital thing is a first aid kit with the necessary set of medicines: medicines for diarrhea and poisoning; painkillers, antipyretics, antiallergic drugs; antiseptic, bandages, plasters.

You can also take the following things on a hike in the forest with an overnight stay:

Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern
Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

Food on the trip

An overnight trip to the forest cannot be imagined without good and tasty food, so take your favorite canned food, cereals, dried vegetables, dried meat and sweets with you. Food should be high-calorie, have a long storage life and at the same time weigh a little. Your favorite sweets, chocolate, nuts will also be a nice addition — they are also very high-calorie and tasty snacks that are easy to store. One more thing you can’t do without on a hike is tea.

Hiking in the forest with an overnight stay is a pleasant thing, where you can see fascinating panoramas and beautiful natural places, as well as relax your soul and gain new strength. Keep in mind these hints from and enjoy your holiday in nature’s lap!

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